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Just like when you're out boating, it's important to be prepared!

We will provide you with the Student Manual. This will be your's to keep and take notes in.

*Please view the following video from the New Jersey State Police Maritime Security Initiative prior to coming to class:

Here's what we recommend you bring:

*Pen, Pencil, and a Highlighter
We'll be asking you underline, circle or highlight many important topics and facts in the book.

*A self addressed, stamped envelope
This is what you will receive your permanent boat safety certificate in.
You only need one envelope per household

*Class payment:
Registered students: $100 per Student
(If you are bringing guests we need to know their names or they will be treated as walk-ins and will be charged $120 each)
Cash: Exact change is appreciated, or 
Check: Payable to: Boat Safe US, LLC
***We do not accept credit cards***

*Photo ID

*Bring a beverage and a snack
We want you to keep your energy levels up!

*Beverage and Food
If the class is a full day, we recommend that you bring a lunch along with snacks and beverages. We will take a short lunch break (approximately 20 minutes) as well as smaller breaks throughout the day.

At the end of the class, you'll take a 60-question multiple-choice test.  We'll grade it right there and when you pass with a score of 80 or better, you'll leave with a temporary boating safety certificate, and receive your NJSP issued card in the mail a few months later.
In case of inclement weather or if the weather is going to be a challenge, go to our home page to check the current status of the class.