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What Should I Bring To My Exam?

*Please view the following video from the New Jersey State Police Maritime Security Initiative prior to coming to class:

New Jersey State Police Maritime Security Video

Exam Checklist
The following items must be presented to your Instructor/Proctor - All paperwork will be collected at the conclusion of the exam:

Exam Fee

$50 per Student
Cash: Exact change required
  Check: Payable to: Boat Safe US, LLC

 ***We do not accept credit cards***


One envelope:
One self addressed, stamped envelope –  The envelope that you leave with us will be for you to receive your permanent boat safety certificate. The Permanent certificate will be issued to you after it is printed at the New Jersey State police headquarters in Trenton, this may take up to six months.  

Online Exam Certificate

Printed copy of your Ace Boater, Boat-Ed or BoaterExam Online Course Completion Certificate, we will collect it.

Writing Utensils

Pen and pencil

Photo ID

Photo ID with Date of Birth or Photo ID and a state issued document with date of Birth
We will be comparing the date of birth on your photo ID with the date of birth on your certificate of completion. 

Cell Phone

Your smart phone

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