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What Should I Bring To Class?

*Please view the following video from the New Jersey State Police Maritime Security Initiative prior to coming to class:

New Jersey State Police Maritime Security Video

We will provide you with the Student Manual. This will be yours to keep and take notes in.

Class Check List

Class Fee

Registered students: $100 per Student
(If you are bringing guests we need to know their names or they will be treated as walk-ins and will be charged $120 each)
Cash: Exact change is appreciated, or 
Check: Payable to: Boat Safe US, LLC
***We do not accept credit cards***

Photo ID

Drivers License

Pen, Pencil, and a Highlighter

We'll be asking you underline, circle or highlight many important topics and facts in the book.

2 Day Class Snack

2-Session Class - Bring a beverage and a snack
We want you to keep your energy levels up!

A self addressed, stamped envelope

This is what you will receive your permanent boat safety certificate in.
You only need one envelope per household

1 Day Class Snack

1-Day Class - Beverage and Food
If the class is a full day, we recommend that you bring a lunch along with snacks and beverages. We will take a short lunch break (approximately 20 minutes) as well as smaller breaks throughout the day.

Click Here To Download List 

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